Make Poetry

Poetry: a journey through the artist's eye

We are all unique individuals in this universe, that is true, with likes, interests, priorities, family and very particular situations when all this coincide in space and time as a wedding, it becomes a source of magical situations. Freezing all these short time spans are my greatest inspiration.


Therefore, my mission is to let your wedding flow at your own pace, while I try to immortalize those small moments, moments that on their own are only verses but all together form a beautiful poem.

Who Am I?

My name is Wilfredo, but you can call me Will. I was born in BCS in the heart of a loving and beautiful family. My formal studies were always directed towards-engineering and hard sciences, even though my passion was always all about art, music and humanities from an early age.

Thanks to God, now I can dedicate myself in a formal and professional way wedding photography. I do it with a lot of passion, and I pour my heart and soul into it. I consider that giving your passion to love will always be the right thing. Yes, I do believe in love and I am devoted to place that on record in every single picture.


I hope I'm chosen to narrate your story.

Let me narrate your story...

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